Tuesday, 2 October 2018

How to use internet in flight mode

How to use internet in flight mode.

Sometimes we do not want to talk to someone but seemingly we can't switch off the phone.So we get irritated what to do.Guys today i am going to share a Awesome trick with you which you can use to tackle the irritation caused by someone.In this trick i am going to show you how you can make use of internet while turning on the Aeroplane Mode or the Flight Mode.I know you wouldn't believe but its true you can do it.Just give a try.So lets get started.Follow my steps as i have mentioned below.

how to use internet in Aeroplane  mode
airplane mode tricks

step no 1.
open your phones dialer pad.

step no 2.
Now type this code *#*#4636#*#*.As shown in picture.
how to use internet in flight mode

step no 3.
Now you will see a pop up window  like this.Just click on the phone information.
how to use internet in flight mode
phone information

step no 4.
Now you will see detailed information of your phone.Find the option off cellular radio or may be it would simply radio in your phone.
how to use internet in flight mode
phone radio
step no 5.
Turn the radio on from that option.And finally you have done all the steps very well.Now enjoy the internet by even after turning on the flight mode.

This trick does not support some of the Samsung phones.
if you like the trick and if it does work with your phone just tell us in the comments.Drop a like and don't forget to share this awesome  trick.